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Remote Video Viewing Showing Black Window

Hi Everyone!

Short back story first, just so you know why i need to do what im trying to do. My best friend moved away recently across the country. We promised we would never lose touch, so one night a week we hop on Skype/Teamviewer and have a friends night. We talk, play games, and we like to watch stuff together. Most of the time we can just both find the show/movie on Netflix, and just start them simultaneously. Recently we've wanted to watch Big Bang Theory together, which i have purchased on my computer. She will connect to my PC from her laptop, and ill boot up the episode on Itunes. However, on about 75% of the videos, all she sees is a black window where the show should be playing. Yet the other 25% play perfectly. Does anyone have any idea of how to fix this? Ive googled a few times and most people have an entire black screen, while she can still see my desktop, but the window for the show is the only part blacked out. I know this is not very important in the scheme of things, but i love her to death and cherish our one night a week, so any assistance you all can provide will be most appreciated.