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Ridiculous Catch 22 on Support

This is crazy.   I have a personal account.   Currently, it has a free license.   At some point in the past, my account got associated with a company I did some consulting work for.   They no longer have a license so they cannot get into the management tool to disassociate my account.

Since neither of us currently have a license no one at Teamview will even talk to me.    I posted in community support but there has been no response, I am not sure what someone in the forum could do anyway.

I would like to try Teamviewer for my own business but I cannot get a trial as my account is associated with the previous company.

The only way I can talk to someone in support to try to get my account disassociated is to buy a license so that I can then see if I want to purchase a license.

I have spent  WAY to much time on this with ZERO help from anyone at Teamviewer.  It should be a simple thing.  

I understand not providing tech support for free licenses, but if the problem is related to the account and the license itself there has to be some other option other than buying an expensive license just so that you can potentially get a license/account problem fixed

The "I can't talk to you about a license and account problem until you purchase a license" is crazy.

I don't want tech support, I just want my account to be mine so that I can explore Teamviewer options.  

Amazingly frustrating.



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Re: Ridiculous Catch 22 on Support

Hello @alha,

Thank you for your feedback, and for your interest in TeamViewer.

We are sorry for any inconvenience; for security purposes, we at TeamViewer can not remove an account from a profile; ONLY the company admin can do this.

However, if the Company associated with the Company Profile is no longer licensed, and cannot access User Management in the Management Console, there would not be a way to remove this account from the old Company Profile.

If possible, I would recommend creating a new account, associated with a different email address. If you'd like, I can have a licensing specialist reach out to you, to assist you with the setup of a dedicated trial license and the new account.

If this would work, please Private Message me your contact information, and I will have someone reach out to you.

Josh P.
Senior Moderator

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