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Setting up Wake On LAN (WOL)

Hi guys, I know that this maybe or probably was answered before but for the love of all that is holy I can not get this to work :(

I have a laptop and two desktops I have enabled Wake on LAN on, it seems simple enough, one board being asus was a little more tricky to find, a gigabyte board was easier and the acer laptop was simple also to enable.

I enabled the setting on the network card in device manager to accept magic packets or whatever. I logged into my asus router and at port forwarding I entered all the computers IPs and port 9 in both sections and set it for both TCP and UDP.

In teamviewer I selected the public option and copied and paste my IP number for the router, not the which is my gateway and dns for all the systems on the network. I can see the option in teamviewer to wake the systems but NONE of them work.

I use windows 10 on all systems and the primary router is connected to another asus router that only extends the network, it has its own IP but acts soley as a extender, doesnt have a routing table enabled (dhcp)

Now I know a little bit about networks but act as if I know nothing please... as far as I am concerned it could be anything even how the two routers are connected as I just plugged in and messed with it until it worked to get all systems on the network and internet. Maybe I am making it more complicated than it really is? Maybe its something silly...? PLease some help :)

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Re: Setting up Wake On LAN (WOL)

Hi @N0madS0uL,

try using another service to send the magic package. Does it work with your current configuration?

And yes... there are several threads on the topic I suggest you review. Try searching on this community with the term WOL.


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Re: Setting up Wake On LAN (WOL)

Hey thanks for the reply, im rather clueless as I said but Im trying...

Some questions if you please...

  1. That link you sent with the little app, do I use my router IP not the but the WAN IP?
  2. Do I then type in the MAC address of the network card i.e. pc that I want to wake up?
  3. Must this pc have its port forwarded on my router first? 
  4. Can I use both UDP and TCP or must it be TCP exclusively?
  5. On my router to add a port forward it reads Service name, Source IP (says it can be blank, should I leave it blank) Port range (I used 9) Local IP (I set a static IP for each PC) Local port (I used 9 again) Protocol (I used both TCP and UDP)

Is this correct? Do I need to use something else? Coz the app you linked also didnt work... :S