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Shift key combinations do not work when connecting from Mac to Linux

When connecting from Mac computers to Linux computers, the keyboard shortcuts in Linux (Lubuntu 18) computers do not work correctly.

For example, when using the Shift + Option + T keys, a terminal window should open on Linux when connected from a Mac computer. Or if using Shift + Option + G, it should open the gedit editor.

But these do not work. If connecting from a Windows computer to the same Linux computers and pressing Shift + Alt + T, then the terminal windows are opened correctly. Or if using Shift + Alt + G, then gedit is opened correctly.

The Option key on Mac is the equivalent to the Windows key Alt.

Linux program xev shows that Shift + Option are detected correctly, but when pressing any character after that, it seems to be changed on Mac and is translated to some character instead that is being sent.

This problem must be fixed asap, because now we can't use our Linux machines with Mac computer because the key combinations do not work correctly.