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Simple partner connection to remote support session

We are new to the use of Teamviewer as a remote support tool for our field agents.  I am looking for a way to make the user's connection experience very simple. 

As computer users, most of our agents have only basic knowledge.  Downloading software, running it, responding correctly to all the security-related questions, is often frustrating to them.  We want to make it as simple as possible; something that doesn't require the user to jump through multiple hoops to get connected to the session. 

What we do today is send the user our custom URL (e.g., get.teamviewer.com/~~~~~~), which prompts them to download and install Quick Support.  We cannot see what the user sees, and they are trying to describe the message on their screen and we are trying to guide them to click the correct option.  Pretty messy.  If we do get connected, things are great from that point.  But the next time that user needs our help, all we know to do is send them the URL again and repeat the process (which results in multiple downloads of TeamViewerQS.exe). 

Surely there is an easier way!