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TV for the hobbyist

I retired from hi-tech many years ago after 30 years of it.  I built my first computer in 1965 (albiet it only had 72 bits of memory).  Today I have many computers from Arduino's to high end PC's running several operating systems.  Teamviewer runs on most of them.

I live in an area where water is precious.  I find it absolutely amazing that I have a seep in my backyard that produces about 300L of water a day, unfortunately, the quality of the water is highly suspect.  I figured that I could capture that water and use it to irrigate my garden (non-food).  I also have a nine meter hill and the seep is at the bottom of it.  The challenge is to irrigate the hillside.

Being "a poor pensioner on a fixed income" low cost is the second objective.  To this end, I am using an Arduino to control the pumps (multiple pumps were found to be more cost effective than one pump) to raise the water for gravity fed irrigation.  Monitoring the system is important, as the robustness of an Arduino system is questionable.  The logic to control the pumps and store the data is beyond the capability of the Arduino, thus I offload half of that function to a PC.

I found the Intel Compute Stick for [the price has been removed by a moderator]  But "you get what you pay for".  This computer will be in the garage and will not have a keyboard, video or mouse ... a headless computer-no KVM.  This is where TeamViewer finds its utility; in the development of the code that goes on the stick computer.  (In order to make this PC functional, I needed to add a 16GB microSD, a powered 4 port USB hub, a USB Bluetooth, a USB WiFi, xubuntu 18.04, and TeamViewer ver 12) [the price has been removed by a moderator]

The Arduino reports changes (full sensor, empty sensor, pump on/off) to the PC and the PC stores it on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) for later analysis.

I plan to release all of my code as open source, though few will find it useful as such, but maybe individual components and techniques will be useful to others.

TeamViewer makes it possible for me to develop this code and to monitor my system. I express my gratitude to TeamViewer in allowing a free license.


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Re: TV for the hobbyist


Hi Old Dude !

Finally you did it !... Great !
It seems that not everything's dark with TeamViewer !
Glad for you

(* I don't know the Intel Compute Stick, but what about a Raspberry Pi ? Have you tried it ?... It includes the 16 Gb microSD, WiFi, Ethernet, 4 USB ports, and it can run both Xubuntu and Windows 10... But I think you know that already...  )