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Team viewer's audio and share other person's screen capability

I started to like the team viewer tool as a pair programming tool. Here are two things  I would like to ask:

1)Is there a way to enable the audio so that we talk to each other during the Team Viewer session instead seeking help from WebEX audio?

2) My teammates connected to my machine and use my screen to code. We encountered something not working in my machine but the same thing works in his machine. So I said, can you share your screen, He said there is no way in the current Team view session, and he had to start a WebEx, from which he can share his screen and I also can switch to share my screen. You can see we have to manage both WebEx and Team Viewer. Is there a way for me to see his screen during the team view session (on my machine).

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Re: Team viewer's audio and share other person's screen capability

Is there an answer to this question? At least someone from the team viewer company should give an answer to this question, shouldn't he/she?