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Teamviewer Connectivity

I used  to be able to connect to another PC using Teamviewer but the device no longer gets past entering the partner ID.  It never asks for the password.  When that PC attempts to take control of my PC, it works perfectly.  One PC is running Win 10 Home addition and the other Windows 10 Enterprise.  

Home addition to Enterprise works fine.  Enterprise to Home it does not.  Enterprise to other units work fine.  I suspect the Home version PC has some restriction of inbound activity, do not know where to look.

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Re: Teamviewer Connectivity

Hi @clarkb,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.

There are some TeamViewer settings to restrict features for incoming connections. Please kindly check out How can I restrict access for TeamViewer connections to my computer?

I hope this information will help. If the error continues, please kindly include the screenshot of the error message for further investigation.

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