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Teamviewer with Visual Impaired Granny

hi everybody

when phoning with my VI 96-y Granny (DMLA=Macular degeneration), it is very difficult to get the password because it is written in little caracters on her screen and she has real difficulties to read it

is there a solution to :

1) having Teamviewer access on her computer without password (since i am the only person to teamview her and she has a very restricted usage of her mac, only mails written in large caracters...)

2) or, creating a patch in teamviewer so that only the password appears, and in (very) large caracters ?

if one one these solutions needs buying a licence, we will have an eye on a purchasing the software

thanks for your help


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Re: Teamviewer with Visual Impaired Granny

Hi @Vincent4

Thanks for your question.

I recommend to set up a permanent password for unattended access to make the connections without bothering your granny.

Hope this helps :-)



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