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Unable to log in to an account

I have TV installed on a WinSrv2016 machine. That machine has no restrictions on internet access. I can log into the TV management console, using my TV account.

However this machine just cannot - or will not - log into the "Computers and contacts" module of TV in the same Windows session. I enter the credentials (which work on management console). There is a delay, and then a message "the server could not be contacted".

Business licence is activated at this installation. EMUS is disabled. I logged in system thru RDP (as an ordinary user, but if as an admin -- no diference). TV service is running.

Here is the same problem described, difference is that OS is another: https://community.teamviewer.com/t5/TeamViewer-General/Can-t-login-to-account-from-one-machine/m-p/4..., but no decision was suggested.