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My remote partner has video and sound running. I can access his PC screen and can hear the appropriate sound, but there is no video visible .

Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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Re: Video

Hi @kia1 

Could you please give some more details about the operating system you are trying to gain access to?  

It is a MacOS?  If yes, did you enabled the Screen sharing capability from the Privacy settings menu?

It is something else?

Could you upload a screenshot but first hide the ID and Password?

Thank you and I'm waiting for your reply

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Re: Video

Thanks for your quick reply.

The remote site is a PC using up to date Windows 10.

I was able to log in to a different site on the  remote site and get both video and sound, no problem. I can log in to this site directly using a foreign VPN. However the first site blocks access to VPN's. Could this be the issue?

Thanks for your interest.