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Web client and special keys (tab, control, alt)

I'm using the web client (from a computer where I can't install software) to interface with a Linux machine. I've found that a number of common keyboard shortcuts are handled by Firefox or TeamViewer instead of being passed to the host. Two critical examples:

  • Pressing tab gets interpreted as "go to the next button in the TeamViewer menu bar" instead of "autocomplete" on the host's command line
  • control-W (Ctrl-W) closes the Firefox window instead of running "find" in nano on the host

How do I send tab and key combinations without them being intercepted by Firefox/TeamViewer?

I've also noticed that, when using a Ctrl-[x] shortcut, the letter key tends to get "stuck" - the key combination is executed, but then the host reacts as if I then pushed and held the letter by itself. Is there a workaround for this?