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activate license


I’ve used a free license for a while (now expired) user: rro@xxxx
My boss bought me a license, : he activated another user: info@yyy
I cannot use this user because I cannot see that mailbox (= administration & commercial mailbox , not IT section) I cannot activate the license on my account – the wizard displays: "activated on an other account" - but no one knows where that license is, if I look in the management console - I can not find a user with a license. so the only thing I can imagine is that the activation-link from teamviewer is not valid for my username. How to redirect the license to my account? or use the "outdated activation key" on the bill ( xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx) but that is to long to fil in and activation failed again.

I would like to send some more details but I can't do this in a public forum: how to contact teamviewer in private, I can't find any mail adress.

Who can help

regards Rik