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email address is already in use

Hi All,

I created a user and then we suspended then deleted the account as a test. The account has been deleted for several days and does not appear in the active/inactive lists but when I try to use that email address again to add them back in TV12 states that the "email address is already in use".

is there a bin somewhere i need to clear the email from in order to get this to work?

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Re: email address is already in use

Hello MichaelGrainger,

I think that you get that message because you already used that E-Mail account and it saved the E-Mail as used. Can you not use a other E-Mail?

I hope this helps,

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RE: email address is already in use

Dear @MichaelGrainger

Thank you for your post. Thank you @iainwels for your contribution. 

I like to add some information. An account is not deleted, if you "remove user" in your Management Console.

The account already exist. You have the opportunity to add an existing account to your user management. Please sign in to your Management Console, go to user management and choose the function +add existing account

To join a company the user has just to click to the link https://login.teamviewer.com/cmd/joincompany

and has to insert the mailaddresse of the company administrator (mco).

The company administrator will receive an email and a notification. After confirmation you will see the user again in your user management.

I hope this information is helpful.

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Re: RE: email address is already in use

Thanks for the info,

I have followed those steps but the user is still unable to login through that account, even tried to reset the password as seen in other cases like this.

For now I have created a new email address.