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email already exists

Some time ago an employee left the company. Hence I deleted his user under our Teamviewer account.

This week he rejoined the company and I wanted to created a new user in the Management Console, but I get the error notification that the user is already in use. But when searching through all users, I don't find the user nor his email address anywhere.

Two questions:

1. How can I reactivate his user?

2. When deleting a user, Teamviewer clearly still keeps a trace of it. Why? This serves no purpose, true?

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Re: email already exists

Hi @stevenluyckx 

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community.

Great questions! Let me try to answer you :)

First of all for the full overview: You may find this article helpful: All about the TeamViewer company profile

For your question 1:

For your question 2:

  • It is more likely you removed him from the company profile and never deleted his TeamViewer account from our database.
  • If you deleted his account, you would have to access his account after the removal and deleted the account manually as described here
  • What it means to remove a user from a company profile is described here
    • Removed users will be deleted from the user management, but can continue to use their TeamViewer account. When choosing Remove user, you´ll have to confirm that you are aware of what the consequences of the removal mean to the user and the company. If a user is removed...his company-related data (e.g., connection reports, custom modules and guidelines) will be transferred to the corporate administrator, the company's licenses will be revoked, his shared groups will still be available for the company

I hope this info answers your questions :-)

Best, Esther

Community Manager

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