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teamviewer impossible to set up

i just downloaded teamviewer and it doesn't even look like any of the examples on your 'support' and 'help' pages. there is zero information on how to 'invite someone' to access your computer. it wants me to input sopmeone else's machine id and their password [omg, really?] in order to access their computer. but there is no information on how to let someone access MY machine. the entirte thing has no help, no setup how-to guide, nothing.

so just how do you use thi.s when even your how -to video doesn't even match the program your download just installed??? it is nothing but a blank blue screen with few options and none of them helpful.

even just finding out a way to post a question took me an hour to accidentally discover on your website! and now your form refuses to let me post, telling me to fix the highlighted errors first- what highlighted errors! none are highlighted!

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Re: teamviewer impossible to set up

Hi @andromeda_girl ,

Thank you for your post and I am sorry to hear your negative experience.

If you would like to invite your friend to remote access to your device, it is a similar way to set up. Kindly check the following steps below:

  1. Local side - your side, please download and installl TeamViewer (which you have completed - Well done!), note down your TeamViewer ID (i.e. 123 456 789) and random password from TeamViewer client which is for sharing with your friend later;
  2. Remote side - your friend side, please download and installl TeamViewer. Once TeamViewer is up and running, you may share your TeamViewer ID (i.e. 123 456 789) and random password via phone, email or any other way to your friend. 
  3.  Remote side, under Remote Control tab of TeamViewer client, ask your friend to insert your TeamViewer ID (i.e. 123 456 789) in the field of Partner ID then click on Connect. It will also ask for the random password for security authentication.
  4. Your friend should connect to you successfully if the TeamViewer ID and random password both input correctly. Your friend will be able to view and control your device via TeamViewer.

Hope the explaination is easy to understand and follow. If you encounter any issue, kindly reply this post with a screenshot of error message please.

Feel free to contact us if there is any question we may assist further.

Best Regards