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the share session from a Windows 7 computer has a vertical black bar on the right side of the screen

I use the free version of TeamViewer and have been very satisfied with the product.  I’m writing today because I’m having an odd problem that I’ve never encountered before with TV.  I just loaded TeamViewer on a Windows 7 computer.  When I run a TeamViewer session on this Windows 7 computer part of the screen that I share with others is cut off and missing.  Sometimes for a second or two the whole original screen will flash on and off, but it usually stays off and just puts a vertical black bar down the side to the captured screen.  I was running TV 12, but I even went back to TV 11 to see if things changed and but I’m still having the same problem.  What am I missing?  Please help fix this problem because I can’t use the product in the current condition.   Here is a screen shot of the two windows side by side, the original and the captured screen