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unable to log in on OS X (10.15.2)


The last week or so, possibly since updating to osx 10.15.2 I've been unable to log in or out of my account. Teamviewer app just hangs on a "Teamviewer is starting, please wait" display whenever I click on "computers and contacts" or "sign in" tabs. The macbook shows up on my other devices as online and can be connected to and controlled remotely. 

Running version 15.1.3937 with three greens on system access 

Any ideas?

Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 20.02.04.png

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Re: unable to log in on OS X (10.15.2)


I'm runing version 15.1.3937 on MAC OS 10.15.1 and there is not any kind of problems on my installation.

Because MAC OS doesn't rols back unless you using Time Machine, I suggest you to make some clear installation of current Teamviewer app by.uninstaling current one.

If that not help, then try to install some previous version just because its far easier to re-unistall an app rather an entire OS.

Regards, Lampros