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versions nightmare wreak havoc worldwide


for $$$ome reason teamviewer stopped supporting connection from differents versions (used by our customers) wreaking havoc as we cannot connect to any customer anymore. a supposed smart move from TVsales reps, but havoc for rest of us, thank you

downloading a fresh 12 version will even fail to connect to the very same version arguing this is too old, are you serious?

TV products have been become more and more pricey, as TV people for sure became insane in the meantime. I cannot endorse such policy

I suggest you hold on sales and fix this mess

This situtation is a nightmare as we are now unable to operate our business because of the trust we had in your products

We cannot trust those greedy sales managers anymore for our business sustain, we move to longer lifespan product, with friends, not foes

you are insane



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Re: versions nightmare wreak havoc worldwide

Hello @qube 

Thank you for your post. 

Please know we have not changed how licensed versions can connect. TeamViewer is, and always has been, backwards compatible. This means later versions can connect to any older version all the way back to version 8, our oldest still-active version. Older versions (like 12) can also connect to each other with no issue.

In late 2018, we asked free users to update to the latest version of TeamViewer, in order to continue using the free service; this does not affect license connections. If you attempt to make a licensed connection from an older version and you receive an error stating the connection not possible due to an older version running, please verify you are logged in with your licensed account, or on a licensed device.

Should any issue with a connection to your licensed version even when logged in, you would want to contact our support team, so they could look in to why you were unable to make licensed connections.

If you have any clarification regarding your experience, feel free to reply back.

Josh P.
Senior Moderator

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