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Activating Teamviewer

Problem Activating Teamviewer Quick Support.

I have a Personal Account (non Commercial) and wish to help an elderly friend who owns a Samsung Tablet Model SM-T800. I successfully loaded Teamviewer to the tablet and was able to take control of my laptop from her device, but this is the reverse of what I need. I need to have control of her Tablet. I have installed and uninstalled “Teamviewer Quick Support” a number of times without getting past the message at the bottom of the screen “Activating Team Viewer”. Interestingly, I have an identical model tablet and have (for practice) successfully set up both Team Viewer and Quick Support so find my failure with her tablet most frustrating. Two questions:

  • Can I use Teamviewer to set her up as taking control of my laptop, and then swap directions so I can take control using my laptop? I recall being able to do this some years ago, but cannot see how to do so with the current version.
  • If swapping directions is not possible, can you advise how to get past the “Activating Teamviewer” message on her Tablet when trying to take control of her device using Quick Support.