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Posted by KeithC74

AutoUpdate feature includes Betas???

Hi, We are using TeamViewer in a corporate environment.   It was requested by management to have the AutoUpdate feature turned on since we are licensing TeamViewer differently now and are allowed to be on the latest.  After just turning on the feature I noticed that update options include Beta versions.   I haven't waited the week yet to see if the auto update option will take me to a beta, but if it does I believe we will need to shut AutoUpdate off since we can't risk partaking in beta testing an application used for support.  Can someone from the TV staff confirm that AutoUpdate will indeed take TV installations to a beta version, and if so, can a request be put in to NOT do this?  It would be nice to at least incorporate another option in the dropdown to select the AutoUpdate feature for all versions (including major releases), but not to be a guinea pig with betas.  Thank you for taking this into consideration.