Posted by Synthezoid

Bug report: website login screen "flashing" prevents login

Since there is no apparent way to submit a bug report about your website, I will try here.

Cute javascript widgets are fun, but when they prevent a user from logging in, it's a very serious problem. Whatever it is you have "flashing" your login screen prevents users from logging in at all in Firefox. It is impossible to click the captcha checkbox because every time it appears, it immediately dissappears again as the screen immediately redraws.

This is the single most annoying "feature" I believe I've ever run across on any website, ever. You should make it possible to log in.

I do have a screen capture, but as this is a public forum and you provide no way to contact you directly with bugs, I will not post it here.

Also, your "Rich Text" comment editor does not work. So, your website is broken, you make it as hard as possible to submit a bug report, and even the support "community" board tools are broken. I have to say this entire experience has been very, very annoying and if this is the care teamviewer puts into their products I will not be using them. I watched go down this route and stopped using them when they made it annoying beyond belief instead of easy, too.