Bug when using the quick-connect function

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Bug when using the quick-connect function

Hi all,

the bug that i found consist in the guest being able to see windows that the host didn't shared with himm, and the bug present itself when you use the quick connect function; here's how to recreate it.

I was using two pc with windows 7 64bit running the 13th bersion of team viewer. So...

The host must share one or more windows with a contact using the quick connect and give him control capability; the guest from his side have to press alt+tab ( keep holding it ).

Now on the guest side you can't see the host's windows that you can switch through, but, if the host pass the mouse over the overlay of the alt+tab of his pc, the guest can see all the windows that are positioned under the one that the host shared, even if the host didn't want them to be seen.