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Posted by risoy

Can I use TeamViewer to access the client LAN?

We need to connect to a number of client computers to assist them with various issues. Sometimes we need to access their local networks (LAN) to access specific devices from our own computers that have special software to configure these. E.g. SQL Management Studio that may not be installed at the client computer, Siemens configuration software etc.

Today we set up a VPN router at the client that connects to our system (dedicated support network). We enable the client to initiate access from their system and shut off this access. However, it is becoming labour intensive to maintain this network of VPN routers, some clients require too much assistance, is not cost-efficient and a simpler solution is desired.

Can TeamViewer solve this problem for us?

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Posted by Moderator Moderator

Re: Can I use TeamViewer to access the client LAN?

Hi @risoy,

Thank you for your post on TeamViewer Community.

Feel free to check out the KB article -  Can TeamViewer be used within a local network (LAN) only? and get to know more about TeamViewer LAN connections. Please noted that all devices need to remain within the same network.

Hope it is helpful in your case.