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Posted by mrodriques

Can log into a computer without having to re-enter password.

Hi all;

I apologize if this seems like a silly question, but here goes.  I have an account with which I connect to several different clients.  When I open TeamViewer, I enter an email and password to see my client list.  I then select a client machine and enter another password to connect.  Perfect so far!  The problem comes when I disconnect from that machine.  I am able to reconnect to that machine again without entering the password again.  Is there a way to force a password requirement whether or not I had previously been connected to the machine within the same session?


Thanks in advance, and I hope this made sense.

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Senior Moderator

RE: Can log into a computer without having to re-enter password.

Dear @mrodriques

Thank you for your post. This is a good questions and I am pleased to give you the answer :smileyhappy:

There is a TeamViewer function, which grant you as supporter a faster reconnections by saving the passwords temporarily. 

If you like, you could disable this function here:

Please go to extras --> options --> advanced (show advanced options)Settings_save password temp.JPG

Please uncheck the option Temporarily save connection passwords. To save all settings for TeamViewer and your account, please restart TeamViewer service.

I hope this is helpful!

Best regards.


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