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Can not login in Teamviewer

I can not login today in Teamviewer with my account.

clicking on the blue button is not changing anything, changing password neither.

reintroducing the ID, reinstalling the soft ... no solution

with the same account I can login on internet and manage the computers

I saw posts of the past but the cause was related to an support-intervention of the engineers of Teamviewer.

and now ?

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Re: Can not login in Teamviewer


Thanks for posting.

With regards to the issue that you are not able to sign in, I apologise for the trouble here.

We have been aware of this and a fix was implemented for this. Currently, the version with this patch is available as an insider build if you would like to upgrade.

Insider builds are pre-release versions of the TeamViewer full version.  You will be able to see how to set up from here.

The intention is to get early feedback on new features, improvements, and developments before a public release. It is therefore not recommended to be used in a productive environment or to be rolled out globally on all devices you have in place.

We hope to have the full version with this patch released soon

Hope this information will be helpful for you.

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Re: Can not login in Teamviewer

Hi Yuri,

Thanks for your reply and solution.

However, this Inside Builds fix doesn't work at all. Because as soon as I ticked the box. TV will ask me to login. The blue login box will either gray out or stay in blue but doesn't nothing. I can't login to turn on the function. SO there is no fix. I have been installing and uninstalling TV13 and TV14 many times. Still can't login on this particular laptop. My another computer is fine though. Any other solutions please?????? Thanks