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Can't pay invoice

You're threatening me sending in debt collectors due to your **bleep** cancellation policy, even though I don't want your product!!!! and your payment page will not accept my details Annotation 2020-07-31 134237.jpg

the name is 13 characters long

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Re: Can't pay invoice

Hello @Gareth_Coleman,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! 🙌

We are very sorry about this.

If the payment link is nor working, you can pay via bank transfer. Our bank details are at the bottom of the invoice. If you cannot use the bank transfer payment method, please contact our customer support, so they can help you with this issue: 

Best regards


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Re: Can't pay invoice

I would *like to pay by the Portal, tried different browser and different machine, same issue.


*I don't acctually want your software and would rather cancel the whole lot but you obviously want to screw users over!! blar blar EU law this and you know what I've got to say to that **bleep**!!! it's shady