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Cannot assign computer to account

I have all my families computers assigned to my account for easy support. But for some reason my daughters PC recently unassigned itself, and I now cannot assign it again as the option is disabled, unless I login as the administrator, then it works, but then it only works while logged in as administrator. When my daughter is logged in it is still unassigned and offline.

Anyone know why or how to fix?

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3 Replies
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Re: Cannot assign computer to account

Just found this in another thread...and it WORKED!!


Here was my SOLUTION: 

After months of strife and toil HERE IS WHAT WORKED: 

1. I uninstalled Malwarebytes. 

2. I restarted my computer. 

3. FINALLY I was able to log in 

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Re: Cannot assign computer to account


I'm glad you finally solved your problem. There is another solution also, if you want to keep MalwareBytes, I have MalwareBytes and have no problems at all with Teamviewer. It's just a matter of tweaking the MalwareBytes configuration. If you are interested feel free to contact me for assistance.

Happy Holidays!

Mike Crabill
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Re: Cannot assign computer to account

malwarebytes is not installed

I am having the exact same issue on 2 different computers now.

Assigning TeamViewer to my account only works when logged in as administrator. It seems to keeping all the settings separate for each user as it is not assigned when my kids are logged in.