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Channel usage statistics


We have a corporate account with 7 add-on channels. Is there some way to see detailed statistics on channel usage? We are considering a few more add-on channels, for extended usage and would like to make our own calculations prior to purchase.

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5 Replies
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Re: Channel usage statistics

Hi mbornestav, 

Thank you for your post!

While we do not provide any specific statistics on channel use, there are several ways of evaluating whether you are using your channels to capacity and whether you would therefore benefit from expanding your licence.

You can always check how many of your channels are occupied at a given moment via "Help > About TeamViewer > Channel use" (available on Windows computers). This will open a new window which will display the IDs that are having a session at that moment. If you check this regularly, it should give you a good impression of how many of your channels are generally in use and which workstations/users are most active.

If you have created a company profile, you can also take a look at your connection reports. The connections established by the users who are part of your company profile are all stored in the connection reports. The reports will tell you who connected to whom and at which time. That is why they will also give you an overview of how many people are generally connecting at the same time.

I hope this information will help you with your calculations. 

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to let me know. 

All the best,


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Re: Channel usage statistics

I had similar need, following python script reads in the connection report CSV and outputs a temporary CSV to ingest into Excel, from which you can produce a pivot and then a chart showing how many licenses were in use at a given minute of an hour of a month.  Appologies to those who know python, this was my first real effort.

You'll need to import datetime timedelta and csv if I recall correctly

with open(r't.csv','wt') as o:
	with open(r'connectionreport.csv') as f:
		f_csv = csv.reader(f)
		headers = next(f_csv)
		o.write('Date Time, Count, User\n')
		for row in f_csv:
			y = datetime.strptime(row[4], '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M')
			u = row[0]			   
			for n in range(0, int(row[6])):
				z = y + timedelta(minutes = n)
				s = z.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M')	   
				o.write(s + ", 1, " + u + "\n")


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Re: Channel usage statistics

having to rerun this two months later, I find that I needed to first:

import datetime form datetime
import timedelta from datetime
import csv

I also had to make sure the input file, connectionreport.csv, actually used commas instead of semicolons as field separator -- maybe this is a setting in the teamviewer connection report setting somewhere, but whatever the case, I found my csv was using german style ; instead of english style ,

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Re: Channel usage statistics

Don't mean to necro here, but the feature is still missing a year later.

Today I was presented with my renewal options.  As an IT Manager, I'd like to see how many concurrent sessions I have at any point in time, so I can make an educated decision about how many channels to purchase for the next three years.  I have 15 channels, never do I get a report from my users that they're out of channels.  Are we at the sweet spot?  Are we overpaying?  The world may never know until I use @LUR 's python script to piece this together.

I think not integrating the feature is a purposeful move on TeamViewer's part to continue having customers take the easy route and overpay.

This data would be very helpful if provided easily in the management console and allow the sales process to move faster for those who want the data, like myself.

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Re: Channel usage statistics

Hey guys

None of the solusions above gave us data that we could work with so we have created a PowerShell script.

#!/usr/bin/env pwsh
$times = @{}
Import-Csv "connectionreport.csv" -Delimiter ";" | ForEach-Object {
  $connection = $_
  @(0..$connection.Duration) | ForEach-Object {
    $cTime = ([DateTime]$connection.Start).addMinutes($_)
    if ($times[$cTime]) {
      $times[$cTime].count += 1
    } else {
      $times[$cTime] = [PSCustomObject]@{ count = 1; time = $cTime }
$alltimes = $times.keys | ForEach-Object { $times[$_] } | Sort-Object -Property time | Export-Csv output.csv -NoTypeInformation

Simply place the connectionreport.csv into the same folder as the script, run the script and it will then spit out output.CSV

A file which shows how many connections are active at each minute.
(If there are no connections, there will be no line for that minute.)

From here you will be able to turn it into a nice graph!