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Codecs for TeamViewer convertion







I have only these codecs trying to convert .tvs files

K-Lite codecs pack & distinct ffdshow codec had been installed

How to add new codecs to TeamViewer converter?

BTW msinfo32 also shows only 'standard' win codecs

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Re: Codecs for TeamViewer convertion

Hi @abikarus

Does this article maybe help you? How to convert a recorded TeamViewer session

All the best, Esther

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Re: Codecs for TeamViewer convertion


As I said, I had installed ffdshow codec. And K-Lite codecs package as well

But in TeamViewer's menu they are abscent!

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Re: Codecs for TeamViewer convertion

So, is it possible to add new codecs into TeamViewer built-in converter?

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Re: Codecs for TeamViewer convertion

Hi abikarus,

Unfortunately no, it is not possible to add additional codecs into the TeamViewer converter. It can only convert to the codecs listed.

Sorry about that.


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Re: Codecs for TeamViewer convertion

It is possible to add additional codecs into TeamViewer for conversion.

Click the link provided above by the TeamViewer Community Manager to the knowledge base article, and scroll down to the "Minimum File Size" section at the bottom.  Here is the link again.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to do it though - that is how I ended up here.  I have ffdshow installed, but it doesn't show up in the converter Codec drop-down list.  Check out this video of a guy who uses ffdshow, but doesn't explain how to make TeamViewer see the codec.

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Re: Codecs for TeamViewer convertion

You need to install 32-bit version of ffdshow

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Re: Codecs for TeamViewer convertion

I found this googling the exact same problem, and now that I found a (quite simple) way to get more codecs to show up and I want to share that for the next guy/gal:

I have TeamViewer 9 on Windows 10 and even with installing K-Lite and ffdshow, as was mentioned here too, I could only extend the liste to a rather unusable ffdshow option (very large file size and quality issues).

I uninstalled both TeamViewer 9 and the K-Lite Codec Pack and then FIRST re-installed the Mega K-Lite Codec Pack (don't know if it's necessary to use the complete version) and only afterwards I re-installed TeamViewer. (To be safe I rebooted the system after each step because, you know, Windows).

With that order, TeamViewer apparently is able to recognize the installed codecs completely and other codecs finally showed up in the conversion options:


So it is possible, I hope this helps although I have a very old version of TeamViewer. If the issue persists in newer versions, it should be possible there too.