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Could not move computer to another group

Hi all.

On ManagementConsole i try to move a computer to an other group but get an error like "This computer or contact is already in your list."

What does that mean?! There is no computer in the target-group - the group is empty!?

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2 Replies
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Re: Could not move computer to another group

Hi @WestiformDSS,

Try removing the device from the first group and then adding it to the new one. I found this information in the API documentation for the addition operation (which would be part of the move operation):

POST /api/v1/devices (add a new device)

Adds a device to the computers & contacts list. An error is returned if either
• the device is already present in the computers & contact list in a group owned by the current user.
• the user does not have sufficient rights to add a device in the specified group.

Hope this help.



Domenico Langone
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Re: Could not move computer to another group

ok. i will try.

but what could be the reason why these computer is not movable!?

20 computers are moved out of the folder A to a new empty folder B.

5 computers are not movable... :/