Posted by YJC

Critical problem with blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder

I use the Blackmagic H.264 Recorder on Mac Pro 2013(macOS Sierra), and record a video from camera via it. Recording software is Blackmagic Media Express.

When I connect to the Mac Pro with the teamviewer 12, I cannot launch Media Express. Media Express says, 'Threre is no device'.

After disconnecting teamviewer, I can launch Media Express on local, but Media Expre cannot capture any stream from the device until rebooting the mac.

I guess Teamviewer's video source setting conflicts with the blackmagic device. In the teamviewer's preferences, the device is selected for video input source, and I cannot unselect it.

About one or two month ago, the teamview didn't occur any problem with media express.


One more problem...this problem is more critical.

After uninstalling teamview 12, mac doesn't boot, and I restore macOS from timemachine backup. (I expreience this problem twice.)