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Customer No Service

Mom is 97 and I am an IT professional, her son, who has been helping Mom with her computer issues over the last 17 years, after I gave her a computer.  She has a 2011 Macbook Pro and uses email, internet and games.  Today, she was looking up to how subsitute an ingredient via Google, and she got a message that her machine was locked and call a number on the screen.  As I was unreachable, she called the hacker.  They told her the machine was being hacked and she got off the phone with them.  I called her back and opened Team Viewer to connect - I have an old free license just for Mom...

However, I was told I can't connect to Mom's laptop as I am using version 11 and have to update to 14, that I did.  But, Mom needs help and I was not helpful telling her what to click on.  And, Team Viewer was also NO help as all they can do is email a link that explains how to install it.  I can't get anybody to call MOM and give her help.  Now I have to drive 140 miles to her house to fix the computer....THANK YOU TEAM VIEWER...FOR CUSTOMER NO-SERVICE. EVEN APPLE SPOKE WITH US ON THE PHONE AND SHE HAS AN OLD LAPTOP NOT UNDER A SERVICE AGREEMENT.  

As an IT professional, I must recommend that people use a different company's product.  I would not purchase anything from Team Viewer because of this incident, but there are more reasons to use a competitor's product....

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Re: Customer No Service

Hi @gersteas 

First of all, I am sorry to hear what happened to your mom. 

Unfortunately, our software is sometimes abused by scammers, such as those your mom must have encountered. For more infomation please see this Knowledge Base article about TeamViewer and scamming (You will also find a link to report the scam case to our security team).

Please know that TeamViewer does not provide IT support and in case of any computer related issues or other technical questions we recommend to contact a local IT supporter.

TeamViewer develops software for remote support and online meetings and we only offer support for TeamViewer related issues (for license holders via telephone or ticket as well as we offer this community for our free users to get help for TeamViewer related questions).

Thanks for posting in our community and best,



Community Manager

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