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Good day, this morning I notice on my daily report that had a open connection to my home pc, started at 21/01/2019  06:00:16 PM until 21/01/2019  11:49:46 PM.

The connection was made from server_addr ip: host URL included /din.aspx?s=77764389&id=**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**&client=DynGate&p=10001476

 /dout.aspx?s=77764389&id=**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**&client=DynGate&p=10000789

web_filter_category: Remote Access

This connection was to my Home PC that I was using at the time (but not all the time)

Do I have anything to worry about? Any idea if teamviewer on local pc have a log file to inspect if a successfull connection was made?

I dont belief this was a update as a update only takes a few min.