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Direct Connection via TeamViewer


Can you use TeamViewer to directly connect to clients? For example, we have vessels with a satellite link back to HQ, can we connect to computers on a vessel over our LAN directly using Teamviewer? 

The vessel has internet via HQ but with latency being so high remote control would be painful, however it would be quicker connecting directly via IP if thats possible? 

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Re: Direct Connection via TeamViewer

Hi @allank 

Thank you for your post. 

If the clients on the vessels belong to the same network, it is possible to connect to the IP addresses. 

Please read the following article to set up LAN connections via IP addresses: Can TeamViewer be used within a local network (LAN) only?

Please let mw know if there are any further questions. Hope this could help. 

Wish you a great start into the new week.

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