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Disable easy access, secure access question

I was reading about securing access. I do not need completely unattended access, as I would like someone on the other end to accept the incoming connection in case the TeamViewer account is compromised. So far I have

  • Assigned the device to my TeamViewer account
  • Whitelisted my account
  • Disabled all passwords, random and personal
  • Disabled easy access

What concerns me is the part in the article that says "If you have followed the described steps, it is impossible to access this host using a TeamViewer ID and Password. Access is only possible via the account, the host is assigned to." Since I didn't grant easy access, is my account still only accessible through my account, even though I don't want to enable easy access? I want it so it is accessible through my account only, if some human on the other end allows the remote connection. Thanks for any answers