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Posted by barry

Easy connection for customer

We bought Team Viewer to use for providing remote technical support to our customers.  Can we simply give a customer a web address to establish the connection? 

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2 Replies
Posted by DomLan

Re: Easy connection for customer

Hi @barry

yes you can. Try to see this thread; first reply from @Reyhan


Domenico Langone
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Posted by bartlanz

Re: Easy connection for customer

What I did is create a Custom QuickSupport tool, then on my DNS for my Domain (not internal, think Godaddy or DynDNS) I setup a forwarder to the permanant link that TeamViewer provides when you make the Custom Tool. I then added a link on my website to said forwarder. If you want to see it in action go to, in the upper right hand corder it says SUPPORT, hover over that and then you will see TeamViewer Quick Support and TeamViewer Unattended Access. Please know that installing these will make your systems show up on my lists.

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