Evaluation License - Questions about Deployments

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Evaluation License - Questions about Deployments

I am evaluating TeamViewer as a possible replacement for our support solution.  In order for this evaluation to be succesfully, I need to know how to accomplish the following:

One of the primary requirements is the ability to deploy the Host module to my computers silently and have them automatically added to my management console.  The documentation says that I need to download the MSI installer. However, when I attempt to do that I am prompted for a license key.  Because this is an evaluation, I do not have a license key to enter.  How can I accomplish this part of my evaluation?

Secondly, I would like to configure TeamViewer so that my IT staff is not prompted for a password when connected to a client machine.  Ideally, this would be controlled using ADFS.  That is, connections to the client computers would only be allowed by designated AD user accounts, or membership in an AD security group.  Is this possible? 

Thank you.

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Re: Evaluation License - Questions about Deployments

Hello @ukdboyd,

Thank you for your post.

Access to MSI deployment does require a license. In order to trial services such as MSI, I would recommend reaching out to our licensing specialists, so they may issue you a trial license; this will allow you to test the deployment features associated with TeamViewer!

You may also reach our licensing specialists via phone.

I hope this helps! 

Josh P.
Senior Moderator

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