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GEO-IP filter

Customer is setting up GEO-IP filter. I have excluded germany, However when we turn it on teamviewer does not respond. I need Teamviewer IP authentication addresses (DNS names donrt work)

ALSO as a license holder the "ask support" page does not work (chrome or edge)

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Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

Re: GEO-IP filter

Hi @looker44

Thanks for posting.

Unfortunately, we do not have fixed IP addresses and so do not have a list of this type to provide sorry.

From our Security page
"The TeamViewer software makes connections to our master servers located around the world. These servers use a number of different IP address ranges, which are also frequently changing. As such, we are unable to provide a list of our server IPs. However, all of our IP addresses have PTR records that resolve to * You can use this to restrict the destination IP addresses that you allow through your firewall or proxy server.

Having said that, from a security point-of-view this should not really be necessary – TeamViewer only ever initiates outgoing data connections through a firewall, so it is sufficient to simply block all incoming connections on your firewall and only allow outgoing connections over port 5938, regardless of the destination IP address."

I am sorry I cannot provide an IP list as requested.

All the best,

Senior Moderator
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Re: GEO-IP filter

Allow Germany and Hong Kong. Worked for us