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Hacked, got the logs

Someone tried to get into a computer of ours with TeamViewer, and he was successfull

want to make sure they didnt get any data/passwords etc. can someone point out anything in the logs that may indicate such?

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Re: Hacked, got the logs

Hi @bradabsolute,

I’m sorry to hear about the issue you were experiencing.

Please have a look at this article about TeamViewer and Scamming and report what happened to you via this page: Report a scam.

Our dedicated team will assist you with this issue.

Please also ensure a change of the TeamViewer password for incoming connections both for the random password and your password for unattended access (If you have set up).

How to change for the random password: 

If you would like to change the random password manually you can hover with the mouse over the password field and a circle-arrow appears. Click the arrow and choose to create a new random password.2020-07-01 13_15_11-Inbox - - Outlook.png

How to change your password for unattended access:

The personal password is a password defined by you. If you enter a password, you will be able to use that password anytime in place of the randomly generated temporary password to access this computer (unattended access). 

Under Extras --> Options --> Security--> Under Personal password (for unattended access) --> Password --> Type in your password --> Confirm password  Repeat your chosen password to confirm it --> click OK

The password you are choosing will never be visible to you or anybody else. Instead of the password, you will see black dots. 

You can remove the password by deleting the black dots. 2020-07-01 13_16_01-Inbox - - Outlook.png


I hope this helps! Thanks and stay safe!

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How do I stop team viewer accessing my phone and Ipad and laptop,  I have been hacked and all my details stolen