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Hackers Abusing TeamViewer Tool to Deliver Powerful Malware that Steal Sensitive Data


We got the below details from our Threat Intel. PLease advise

  1. Who are impacted?
  2. How to detect / avoid
  3. What controls within TV to do


Threat actors misuse the popularity of the TeamViewer Tool and utilizing it to drop the malware on victim devices that steal sensitive data.

Teamviewer is the most popular tool used for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers.

A Security researcher who goes by name FewAtoms spotted a malicious URL in wild and the archive was analyzed by Trend Micro security researchers

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Re: Hackers Abusing TeamViewer Tool to Deliver Powerful Malware that Steal Sensitive Data

Hi Iphirke,

Thanks for your post and your questions.

TeamViewer is a trustworthy software company from Germany that values security topics at the highest, and we strongly condemn any criminal activity.

The malware described in the article is not the official TeamViewer software. It is a modified, pirated version of the software.

To avoid downloading a modified and pirated version, we strongly recommend downloading TeamViewer only from the official TeamViewer website as a trusted source:

We want to highlight that it is entirely safe downloading TeamViewer from our official website and you can be sure to get a safe to use software, and your connections will be secured and fully encrypted.

That also include that if you are using the official TeamViewer software, you can be sure that you are not affected by the malware.

In general: Obtaining software from a reputable source is the best way to protect against threats like the trojan spyware described in the article.

Additionally, we recommend to always use the latest version of our software to benefit from the latest security precautions.

I hope this info helps you.

Thanks and best,