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Host offline but not really


I have one computer at home (H) and two computers at work (A and B).  All three have Teamviewer 12.0.72647.  When viewed directly, all three show that they are online.  

1. A says B and H are online and can connect to both. 

2. B says A and H are online and can connect to both.

3. H says B is online and can connect, but A is offline.

The first time I installed TV12 on A, H was actually able to see it and connect, however, after restarting TV on A, it is no longer visible on H. 

Any thoughts?

thank you!


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2 Replies
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RE: Host offline but not really

Hi @jack1

Thank you for your post.

That sounds curious!!! :smileyhappy:

Are you sign in with the same TeamViewer account on this three devices? 



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Re: RE: Host offline but not really


The same thing happened with me. I have teamviewer installed on both my laptop and my office computer. I usually access them interchangeably because I am logged in with my account. Today, my desk computer showed up online on my teamviewer account on my laptop, even though I was not logged on to the desk computer. This should technically not be allowed, yes?