Posted by AlexanderSh88

How to minimize to tray?

Hello, my version team viewer for Windows 12.0.75813

Earlier I could push a cross (close) on the panel ... the program was minimized to the tray.
Now if I click the cross (close) on the panel, the program closes and it has to be restarted.
How to minimize to the tray (do it as it was before)?


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3 Replies
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Community Manager

Re: How to minimize to tray?

Hi @AlexanderSh88

You can activate the setting Close to tray menu in the advanced setting of your TeamViewer:

Close to Tray.png

I hope, this information is helpful.

Best, Esther




Posted by Armon

Re: How to minimize to tray?

I upgraded to Teamviewer 13 and now I can't minimize to a try icon despite the fact that I checked the box in Options. Any thoughts?

Posted by JHasselbring

Re: How to minimize to tray?

Open the TeamViewer control panel > On the left had side, select Remote Control > Click the check mark or plus icon next to Start TeamViewer with Windows/System