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IT Remote Control with ZERO end user interaction?

I have an IT administrator that uses SOTI Mobicontrol to login to and control some old Windows Scanners with no interaction from the end user (i.e. Enter passcode and PIN).  

Does Team Viewer support this on Samsung Tab E devices?  They are creating a mobile app and will be using Samsung Knox to configure the devices with BT printers, put in kiosk mode, etc. but IT wants to make sure they can login remotely and get into settings for troubleshooting.  

Thank, Lex

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Posted by bartlanz

Re: IT Remote Control with ZERO end user interaction?

I do not know about the Samsung Tab E spacifically. But there is a Samsung spacific host for Teamviewer that as long as the host is setup and configured to your account, you can log into the device directly with out end user interaction. I have used it on customers Samsung S7s

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