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Posted by aa_aa

License confusion


I need some advice on if I need license, or who it is that needs the license? I will outline my situation. I have team viewer set up at work so that I can connect to view our building management system that controls our heating, cooling and lighting systems or just monitor them as need be while not at work. I connect via 3 different devices depending on where or what I am doing. Device 1 is my laptop which I use while at work to just check up on things. Device 2 would be my iphone which I use remotely at work if I need to toggle something on or off while not sitting at my desk. Device 3 would be my home pc which I will randomly use to do periodic spot checks during off hours. I dont have an issue if infact a license is needed, I am just confused as to what or who needs it? Is it the work machine running Teamviewer or is it me and how would that allow me access from the 3 deices that I use? Hopefully that makes some sort of sense?

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Re: License confusion

Hi aa_aa

Thanks for posting.

This definitely would require a license as it is being used for a business.

The free version is only for personal use like to your own devices or connecting to friends and family. It isn't for any work related purposes.

As for how the license would work, we can set the license up a few ways. It would be best to contact our sales team to discuss your options with them.


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Posted by AlbertoITA

Re: License confusion

Hi Scotty, from some days I always reeive a message about a suspect of commercial usa of team viewer but it is wrong. I use teamviewer only on my computer desktop and laptop, mine and of my wife. We are living in Italy and in Brazil and often, like now, we travel around.

No firends, no help desk for job or somenthing esle.

Please remove that adivse and let me free to operate.

Thanks, best regards


Posted by natv

Re: License confusion

I don't know why you guys don't sell a "Light" version, without all the bells and whistles, maybe with limited use (time restrictions, but not like 30 seconds I mean like 30 minutes per session or something) and charge for it.

Don't you realize people using this for very limited business use (90% personal, 10% maybe to check in on work stuff), can never afford the full version.


You're throwing away a huge opportunity, and this 30-second new limitation is just making people go to other remote access apps.


Posted by aa_aa

Re: License confusion

Hey Scotty thanks for the quick reply and the point to the right direction.