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Posted by alextricity911

Locked out of teamviewer

My old email account (apple) was deactivated because I do not own an apple device and they would not allow a person to authenticate (require two factor) without an apple device on the account. 

Anyway, my teamview account had my apple email and one day teamviewer required two factor authentication also. Because I didn't have the email address as of a day before, I could not log in to teamviewer anymore. Password recovery doesnt work for the same reason. I called support and emailed. 

My teamviewer email is [email and password removed by Moderator] 

My intent was to try to get TWO companies to purchase teamviewer, but after this we have found a better solution. I am NOT impressed with teamviewer's marketing stratagies. 


Good afternoon,

Thank you for your email.

I certainly apologize that you were unable to receive support. All support for the free version has to go through our community page (, as we have to dedicate over the phone support to our paid customers.

Did you submit a post on the community page?
Best regards,
Marcus Clifford