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Login required on remote machine

I use Teamviewer to remotely manage my mother's Macbook Pro. We don't live near each other so I can't access her machine. I set it up when I visited her and it worked OK but last time it asked her for her password when she started Teamviewer. 

Now, I don't know what that is (now) I have tried to reset the password (3 times)but the e-mail to do this hasn't appeared (anywhere including junk)

Actually getting her to even type a password in correctly now is difficult and I was wondering if there was a way to prevent her having to do anything on her machine.

Any help welcome.


Gordon Lamb

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Re: Login required on remote machine

Hello Gordon_Lamb,

I recommend you to set up the unattended access on your mother's computer.

How to set up unattended access :

  1. Add the remote device on your computers and contacts list (by entering the ID, the password, and the alias of the device).
  2. On the remote side, go in to "Extras", "Options", "Security" and enter in the section "Personal password (for unattended access)" the same password as you entered in 1.
  3. Now, try to connect to the device. You should be able to access your mother's computer, simply by double-clicking on the device in your computers list.

Note : This works for any TeamViewer version.

I hope this could help.

I wish you a good day.



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Posted by Gordon_Lamb

Re: Login required on remote machine

My problem is that the password for my mothr's account is asking for a password, and I don't know what that is. It always used to autocomplete. She tried clicking forgot password but the promised e-mail doesn't appear.

I don't know how to resolve this. I tried logging in to the Teamviewer site as her abd requesting a password change but still no email


Any ideas?



Gordon Lamb