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MSI custom install location

Apolgies if this has been asked before however I've been unsuccesful in finidng an answer here or elsewhere.

I'm working on an embedded product using Windows UnifiedWriteFilter and as such I'd like to change the install path for my custom msi file using a predefined script.

However I simply cannot customize the install location.

I've tried the following:

msiexec /i C:\path1\path2\TeamViewer_Host-idcXXXXXXX.msi TARGETDIR="C:\path1\path3\Teamviewer\" /qn

No matter what it ends up in the ProgramFiles folder, what can I do to change this?

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Re: MSI custom install location

OP here again.

I got the above to work for teamviewer 12 MSI package but still not for teamvier 14.

Any assistance is appriciated!