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McAfee Total Protection 2017

This post is to help solve a problem I just had with remote access to a Windows 10 computer running McAfee Total Protection 2017.

After logging into the remote computer's admin account, I started a custom virus scan using that computer's installed McAfee Total Protection (2017).  The scan was initiated as a foreground process.  After a short period of time I lost connection to the remote computer.  After reconnecting, with the assistance of a friend at the remote end, I checked both the Windows Event logs and the Teamviewer logs.  The Windows logs showed the system had crashed, and the Teamviewer logs showed the internet connection was lost.  I started again and experienced the same disconnection and system crash.

My best guess about what was happening was that McAfee was not giving Teamviewer enough access to resources to run a remote session and ultimately the conflict between the two caused the Windows system to crash; I do not know which of the two caused the crash..

My resolution to solve the problem was to run a "Custom Scan" and set the McAfee scan's checkbox for "Scan using minimal resources."  The connection stays up and the McAfee scan runs successfully.

Hope this helps someone else.

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Re: McAfee Total Protection 2017


Thank you very much for this post :) I hope it will also help other users!

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