Posted by Carlp

Microphone Block Access

Hello everyone, I posted this as feedback/question to TeamViewer today, so will also update this post once they have had time to respond.

Since updating to Win10 (from Win7), it seems TV now permanently binds to my microphone.
Previously it was possible to block access to the mic.
This is a serious security flaw, we most certainly do not want to be broadcasting internal office ambient or nearby verbal discussions to the remote computers we connect to. In many cases we are simply monitoring remote systems for some hours at a time, and our office conversations, phone calls etc, will be with other customers and confidential.

I looked through all the online resources, I see a lot of long standing questions about this, but no definitive answer.

My current workaround is disable desktop apps from accessing the mic, but that also breaks other things like skype, (a blessing in disguise these days :-)
My backup plan would be to install a fake/dummy mic, and link TV to use that, but surely there is an easier way, (like the disable audio checkbox we used to have in TV).

If anyone has a more elegant solution to this, myself and others would appriciate hearing from you.